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SKETCHBAR is an international brand of high-quality original art tools for sketching and coloring currently using the SKETCHMARKER and SKETCHBAR trademarks.

For whom the brand supplies were created?
SKETCHBAR was started to encourage and make artistic endeavors available to everyone! Therefore, we make high-quality art products, which are both ideal for professionals and comfortable, and easy to use for beginners.

What is the value proposition of the brand?
SKETCHBAR manufacturers original art tools that are created by artists and designers - we know our product and the artists' needs! It helps us create high-quality tools for artists. Moreover, unlike other professional brands, our tools are budget-friendly.

Why are brand products considered professional?
Professional artists who understand the product itself and its necessary characteristics are involved in the development of all the tools and brand materials. SKETCHBAR strives to maintain excellence in all stages of the development, training and education.

Where can I buy SKETCHMARKER products?
You can buy our products on the website in the "SHOP" section or on AMAZON.



The markers are manufactured in China, so why are they better than any Chinese alternatives? How do these markers differ from cheap alternatives?
The markers are manufactured in China but for any professional tool, it is more important what is inside the marker and who created it.

  • To produce a highly professional marker, we learned from the Japanese manufacturers. Because it is the Japanese quality of nibs that is considered beyond example in the market of art supplies.
  • In addition to the marker nibs, we have also developed a unique ink formula for the best blending and mix of colors.
  • The markers are non-toxic and eco-friendly.
  • Moreover, all these characteristics have been tested in the world's best laboratories and certified.
  • When you buy our markers, you can be sure you get an original tool.

Comparison with budget markers
The markers are manufactured in China. However, SKETCHMARKER cannot be confused with any other brand, because we created these markers using our original technologies. We are artists and sketchers, and we have developed our proper product of high professional quality.

Beside that, the cost of the markers is significantly lower compared to other professional brands. Anyone can afford our markers.

How many colors are there in the palette?
There are 400 colors in the palette of the alcohol-based markers. Besides, it is the largest palette of the classic configuration of the markers with a thin nib in the world.

Why there are 400 colors?
Such color variety of the palette better suits professional artists. It allows them to create smooth gradations, forget about limitations and use the exact shade they are looking for. Your favorite color is always right here.

For whom are the markers designed?
The markers are easy to use and are suitable for absolutely everyone who wants to create: beginners, amateurs, professional artists and designers.

Which marker to choose: with a brush or bullet nib?
Choosing the type of marker - bullet or brush - depends on preferences and goals of an artist.
Bullet nib is perfect for making fine lines and details. Markers with bullet nibs are great for fashion illustration, design projects, comics and manga.

A marker with a brush nib makes it possible to create smoother transitions and is often used in botanical illustrations and for drawing hair.

It is important to understand that you can create amazing artworks with any kind of nibs.

Why is the BRUSH PRO nib unique?
The brush nib of the BRUSH PRO line was created in Japan for a special and unique project of the SKETCHMARKER brand. The nib's characteristics are:

  • Continuous ink supply regardless of whether you make a quick large stroke or small smooth movements with the nib;
  • Neither dry nor excessively wet;
  • Controlled flexibility and mobility of the soft nib from the very tip to the end;
  • Precise control of ink supply at the first contact with paper: the ink does not pour out all at once, which prevents dabs;
  • Thanks to even ink supply through the nib, you can get the lightest marker tone (the ink from most markers of other brands pours out a lot at the first contact with paper and immediately gets too saturated);
  • Even ink supply along the entire path of the nib from the beginning to the end of a stroke and smooth fading of color;
  • The nib has just the right amount of ink: when opening the cap, the ink does not splash on paper; there are no blots while sketching.

What is the service life of the markers?
The service life of the marker indicates for how long the color saturation of the marker will remain. The service life of the marker is 3 years. Besides, you should consider how you store the markers and what paper you use, so the markers will last as long as possible.

What kind of paper should I use for the markers?
You should use special marker paper for the markers to last longer. It will keep the markers’ nib safe and reduce ink consumption.

How should I store the markers?
You can store the alcohol-based markers both horizontally and vertically but try to prevent them from drying out. Do not store the markers near a radiator or in the sun.

Do the markers lose color?
Yes, sunlight can make color fade over time.

What for did you create the markers?
The main idea of creating the markers is for quick drawing, sketching and coloring. However, they are also great for complex work. The markers are a versatile tool for artworks in various techniques: comics, manga, botanical or fashion illustrations, urban sketches, design, etc.

What do the item numbers mean?
There are the number and name of the color on the marker caps. The color number allows you to navigate by its location in the color palette, for instance, Y=Yellow notes the color family, and the number helps to choose colors that will blend nicely to each other and will create depth in your color range. 

Can I carry the markers in a plane?
Yes, you can safely carry markers in a plane.

How do I get the markers cheaper?
You can significantly reduce the cost of the markers with refills: one tub of the ink will last for at least 14 refills.
Besides, there are changeable nibs for markers in the accessoires product line.

The alcohol-based markers are refillable; there is a refill for each of all 400 colors.

The alcohol ink has a unique formula. Thanks to it, the colors are bright and saturated; they mix perfectly allowing you to create smooth transitions and new shades.

You can also use the ink to create incredibly beautiful abstract paintings in the Fluid Art technique.

Where can I find marker palettes?
You can find marker palettes on our website in the "Catalog & Swatches" section.

How do I refill the markers?
There are different ways to refill the markers. One of the options is through the marker nib. Apply the ink to the wide nib and let it soak in completely.

Alternatively, remove the nib and add the ink into the marker body. Please, note that it is important not to add too much ink into the marker to avoid overflow.

How do I change the marker nib?
The nib of the marker is very easy to change. Pull out the nib of the marker and replace it with a new one using special tweezers.


How to draw with the marker?
The aqua marker is a tool that combines the properties of a usual marker and watercolor. It means you can draw with it as with a usual marker (or as with a water brush and water as with watercolor).

Does it look like watercolor paints or is it more like a marker?
Watercolor markers are based not on liquid watercolor paints, but on a special ink formula with properties close to watercolor. Due to it, the colors are brighter and richer, which is difficult to get with watercolor paints. These markers create even more unpredictable and beautiful effects than watercolor paints when you add water. You can draw with watercolor markers without blurring as well, if you want to work in a dry technique to create lettering, bullet journal, illustrations.

Is the marker ink a pigment or dye?
The ink has a unique formula based on dyes and pigments that are close in properties to watercolor.

Which paper can I use?
Remember that the marker ink is not traditional watercolor when choosing paper. Therefore, some papers may not be suitable.
We recommend using watercolor wood pulp paper without the addition of cotton or with a minimum amount of it. The ink of these markers is instantly absorbed into the cotton contained in the paper and doesn’t blur. Wood pulp, on the contrary, leaves a pigment on the surface and allows you to blur the color.

How do I store the markers?
We recommend storing watercolor markers only horizontally far from heat, whether it is a central heating system or sunlight.

How long will the brush nib last?
The marker brush nib is our joint development with a leading Japanese factory. You can rest assured of the properties of the brush nib and its long service life. However, it is difficult to say a specific time, because it depends on your drawing technique and frequency of using the markers.

Is the felt brush tip hard or soft? 
The brush tip is medium-hardness, the average between hard and soft. Therefore, it is ideal for both calligraphy and sketching.

Why is the second nib a bullet nib but not a chisel nib?
A brush nib of the watercolor product line is suitable for wide strokes and fillings. Alternatively, you can use a water brush to make them. The thin nib is firm and is good for detailing.

Why there are no markings on the caps?
It is very common. You can look at the cap color when choosing a color.

How are the markers different from other brands?
There are 72 colors in the marker palette. Unlike other brands, our palette includes not only bright saturated colors but also tender airy ones.

Is this made in Japan or China?
High-quality tips are made in Japan, markers are assembled in China. Manufacturing system and quality control are strictly enforced to ensure that the products are manufactured according to high standards that are expected of all our products.

Does the marker lose color?
The marker ink has watercolor properties, so you should treat marker artworks as watercolor paintings.

Can I buy the water brush separately?
Yes, you can buy the water brush separately.

Which brush is suitable for water techniques?
It mostly depends on your technique and almost does not matter if you blur and mix colors on the palette.
If you blur the marker on paper, we recommend using a synthetic brush as it creates the best smudge effect.

Who can benefit from the watercolor markers?
The ones who like to travel with watercolor, draw watercolor sketches, or create any kind of artwork, and anyone who loves watercolor will be happy to use the markers.

Why do I need a blender in watercolor markers?
As in the alcohol-based product line, the blender in this line of markers is necessary for blurring ink and creating various effects, if you do not use a water brush.

Unlike using a brush and water, it does not blur too much and is very useful when you want to get a precise color but cannot make paper too wet. The blender perfectly mixes colors without water and does not change the shade. When you mix using a marker, the color will be more intense and may lose its purity.

Besides, if you apply two or more marker colors to the nib, you can use the blender to get new shades. You can use the blender for calligraphy to create a gradient that you can adjust by adding more color to the nib.

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