How to draw a croissant

Пошаговка NEW - 420.jpg (595 KB)

The work was created with materials:

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Colors used:

Y75 Champagne, Y24 Almond, Y23 Buff, O83 Naples Yellow, O52 Laughing Orange, O82 Dijon Mustard, BR74 Light Ivy, O50 Fox, BR22 Mizzle,TG6 Toner Gray 6, BG92 Gray Tint, BG91 Graphite 

Step 1
Make a pencil sketch and remove excess graphite with kneaded eraser.Пошаговка NEW - 414.jpg (209 KB)

Step 2
Use Y75 and Y24 for the lightest areas of croissant. Follow the shape of the croissant with your strokes

Пошаговка NEW - 415.jpg (438 KB)

Step 3
Add some warm and more saturated colors Y23 and O83. Leave the largest highlighted areas untouched. Add О52 to make the croissant more realistic.Пошаговка NEW - 416.jpg (607 KB)

Step 4
Draw the crust with О82. Blend it with О83Пошаговка NEW - 417.jpg (593 KB)

Step 5
Make the crust darker with О50 and BR22.

Пошаговка NEW - 418.jpg (581 KB)

Step 6
With white gel pen add some highlights, Y24 make the bigger highlights less brighter leaving white contour untouched

Пошаговка NEW - 419.jpg (574 KB)

Step 7
Using TG6, BG92 and BG91 for a gradient make a shadow. Add some warm color to the background using Y75.

Пошаговка NEW - 420.jpg (595 KB)

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