Blueberry cheesecake. Step-by-step tutorial

Step-by-step lesson "Blueberry cheesecake"

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The work was created with materials:

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Used colors:

V53 Lavender, BG72 Gray Lilac,Y75 Champagne, Y24 Almond, Y14 Butter, BR13 Oatmeal, BR32 Rosy Brown, BR43 Ash, B54 Zenith Blue, B53 Stonewash, B51 Blue Fjord, B120 Midnight Blue, BR85 Cosmic Latte, O74 Satin,TG3 Toner Gray 3, NG7 Neutral Gray 7, BR61 Pecan, R64 Piggy Pink, R74 Powder 

Step 1

Use black and gray liner to draw the outline.

Frame 64.jpg (714 KB)

Step 2

Draw the top layer of the dessert with V53 Lavender and add shadows with BG72 Gray Lilac. Draw the second layer with Y75 Champagne and add volume with Y24 Almond and Y14 Butter markers. Third (bottom layer) with basic BR13 Oatmeal marker and the volume with BR32 Rosy Brown and BR43 Ash markers.

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Step 3

Draw blueberries with B54 Zenith Blue, B53 Stonewash, B51 Blue Fjord and add B120 Midnight Blue marker to the shadow areas. Draw a plate with BR85 Cosmic Latte, O74 Satin, BR13 Oatmeal. Draw shadows with TG3 Toner Gray 3 and NG7 Neutral Gray 7.

Frame 66.jpg (1.74 MB)

Step 4

We refine the cake layers in more detail, add more color to the top layer with BG72 Gray Lilac, to the second layer with BR13 Oatmeal, and to the third layer with BR61 Pecan and O74 Satin. Draw blotches with R64 Piggy Pink and R74 Powder. Add highlights with a white pen, adjust the contours with a liner.

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