Cosmos in a glass. Step-by-step.

Step-by-step lesson "Cosmos in a glass"

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The work was created with materials:

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Used colors:

B73 Sky, Y14 Butter, V133 Conch Shell, B51 Blue Fjord, B110 Deep Blue, V31 Crocus, V73 Opal Purple

Step 1

Making a pencil sketch.

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Step 2

Use the colors B73 Sky, Y14 Butter, V133 Conch Shell and B51 Blue Fjord to paint planets, comets and stars.

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Step 3

Start drawing the gradient, the first color is B110 Deep Blue.

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Step 4

While the color B110 Deep Blue, is not dry, enter the next color V31 Crocus, achieve a smooth stretch, carefully bypassing the elements inside.

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Step 5

This step is the same, until the previous color V31 Crocus has dried, enter the next color V73 Opal Purple.

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Step 6

Add the last color V133 Conch Shell to the stretch. Apply the colors V31 Crocus, V133 Conch Shell and B110 Deep Blue to the handle. Draw a shadow under the jar with B110 Deep Blue, V31 Crocus and Y14 Butter. The elements inside the jar are all slightly blurred along the contour with the Y14 Butter.

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Step 7

Draw the stars inside the jar with the white SKETCHMARKER PAINTMAN pigment marker, on the jar draw highlights with the colors V31 Crocus and B73 Sky. Fill the lid of the jar with Y14 Butter, V133 Conch Shell and V73 Opal Purple, and the background around the jar with B73 Sky.

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