Draw with aquamarkers SKETCHMARKER AQUA

Draw a door with aquamarkers SKETCHMARKER AQUA

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The work was created with materials:

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Colors used:

Mint green, Sky, River blue, Orange red, Vermillion, Dark chocolate, Brown henna, Graphit

Step 1

Do a pencil sketch of the door and parts of the wall with a waterproof fineliner.

1.JPG (358 KB)

Step 2

Colors: green mint, sky

Put the colors in a mosaic way for the first layer. Do it part by part to avoid the paper soaking in the marker. Either way it will be much more difficult to blur it. For example, draw the doorway first.

2.JPG (663 KB)

Step 3

Use a classic or water brush to blur the color. Do not hesitate to cross the borders and add water to the edges of the paint: it will turn out even more picturesque!

3.JPG (910 KB)Step 4

Colors: orange-red, vermillion, brown henna

Follow the same principle with the rest of the details of the sketch. Paint the door with several colors and blur it with a brush. There is still some pigment left on the brush, which we can use to draw smaller and more accurate details, for example, like these ones in the lower part of the door.

4.JPG (465 KB)

Step 5

Having such an angle, I prefer to make the background (in this case, the wall) dynamic. I also recommend combining clear and saturated edges with transparent and blurred ones

5.JPG (898 KB)

Step 6

Colors: orange-red, vermillion, brown henna, green mint, sky put the color on the wall.

lwNkXC1JWm0.jpg (186 KB)

Step 7

Colors: river blue, brown henna, dark chocolate

Outline the details with a thin nib. Partially blur with an almost dry brush just to make it a bit softer without destroying the bottom layer. Detail the most shaded spots and cracks emphasizing depth and contrast.

7.JPG (1.05 MB)

Step 8

Add all the colors to the palette. You can mix shades with each other on the palette creating new tones within our color scheme. Get the tone with a brush and put a thin layer of it on the necessary parts of the sketch. Finally, you can add saturation, texture, small details, and splashes.

IMG_2034.JPG (837 KB)

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