Drawing a funny Helloween kitten

Step-by-Step "Drawing a funny Helloween kitten"

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The work was created with materials:

Click the link in bio to get your own SKETCHMARKER!

Used colors:

V11 -  Indigo, V104 - Pink Lavender, О21 - Orange Red, О32 - Chrome Orange, О34 - Marigold, G72 - Lime, G101 - Emerald Green, В125 - Princes Sofia, В123 - Cornflower, CG1 - Cool gray 1 

Step 1

Do a pencil sketch.

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Step 2

Lighten the sketch with a kneaded eraser and ink it over with color SKETCHMARKER fine pens. Use orange for the pumpkin, purple for the kitten, green for the pupils of the eyes, pink for the nose and pads.

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Step 3

Paint the kitten with the V11 color; pumpkins with O32; the inside of the pumpkin with O34; ears, nose, and heels with V104; pupils with G72.

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Step 4

Add shadows to white areas of the coat pattern (face, paws, tip of the tail) and the white of the eye under the upper eyelid using the B125 marker. Add shadow under the pumpkin and decoration at the right behind the kitten. Deepen the shadows on the pumpkin and detail the lines with the O21 color. Use dark gray CG1 color to add volume to the kitten. Introduce the G101 color to the upper part of the pupil.

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Step 5 

Deepen the shadows on the bright part of the face, paws, and tail with the B123 marker. Draw whiskers, add highlights and small details to the pumpkin and the kitten using the SKETCHMARKER Paintman 0.5 marker.

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