Drawing a hamburger

Step-by-step "Drawing a hamburger"

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The work was created with materials:

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Colors used:

BR62 - Mushroom, BR50 - Dark Brown, BR21 -  Garnet, BR51 - Burnt Umber, O24 - Tea Rose, O72 - Clay Brown, G41 -  Moss, G62 - Grass, Y53 - Sunflower, Y43 - Eggshell, V92 - Figs, BG11 - Khaki, BG20 - Oolong, TG7 - Toner Gray 7, R62 - Lipstick Red, R63 - Indian Red

Step 1 

Do a pencil sketch and remove an extra pencil with a kneaded eraser.

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Step 2

Draw a tablemat under the bun with BR62 and O72 markers. Use G41 and G62 for cucumbers and lettuce leaves. Color the cheese with Y53 and Y43 markers, use BR42 for cutlets, and R62 for tomatoes and ketchup. Add O24 to the light spots of tomatoes and bacon.

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Step 3

Add volume to the bun using O72, paint shadows on the cutlet with BR50.

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Step 4

Show shadows on tomato and ketchup with the BR21 marker, and on lettuce leaves with the BG11 one. Add texture to the cutlet and apply shadows to the cheese using V92. Draw bacon with BR21 and O72.

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Step 5

Add the BR51 color to the cutlet and R63 to tomatoes and bacon. Show the volume of cucumbers with BG20, add this color to the shade of lettuce leaves. Darken the bun with BR71. Add the Y53 color to the bacon, paint the shadow from tomatoes and bacon with V92 and O72. Use TG7 for the shadow of the cheese.

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Step 6

Show highlights and draw details with a white pen. Dial down the pen with a marker of the same tone.

6-.JPG (1.20 MB)

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