Drawing a ladybug

Step-by-step lesson "Drawing a ladybug"

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The work was created with materials:

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Colors used:

Y54 Lemon Chiffon, CG4 Cool Gray 4, CG2 Cool Gray 2, O33 Amber, O34 Marigold, O65 Silk, R101 Sea Lavender, V14  Sea Lavender, CG5 Cool Gray 5, CG7 Cool Gray 7, BG71 Blue Gray

Step 1

Do a light pencil sketch. Remove an extra pencil with a kneaded eraser

1.png (308 KB)

Step 2

Fill the light parts with Y54 and CG7 colors leaving the highlights unpainted. 

2.png (466 KB)

Step 3

Cover the dots on the back and legs of the ladybug with CG4 and CC2 shades paying attention to where it should be darker or lighter.

3.png (583 KB)

Step 4

Fill in the back with the main color mixing O33 and O34. Shade the borders with O65.

4.png (800 KB)

Step 5

Deepen the color with O31 and R101.

5.png (876 KB)

Step 6

Use cold V14, CG5, and CG7 markers for the shadow; add O65.

6.png (859 KB)

Step 7

Detail the sketch with BG71: small dashes, dots on the back.

 7-1.png (1001 KB)

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