Drawing a pretzel

Step-by-Step "Drawing a pretzel"

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The work was created with materials:

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Colors used:

Y24 Almond, Y13 Cheese, BR74 Light Ivy, О53 Sandy Brown, О50 Fox, В123 Cornflower, BR21 Garnet, BG40 Brunswick Green

Step 1

Do a light pencil sketch of the basic shape. Remove an extra pencil with a kneaded eraser.

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Step 2

Fill the lightest parts of the pretzel with the wide nib of the Y24 marker leaving the highlights and dark crust spots unpainted. 

шаг 2-1.jpg (2.71 MB)

Step 3

Gild our pretzel with wide strokes of the Y13 color. Show the volume of the pastry drawing its shadows with the BR74 marker. Make cast shadows of the pretzel and paper with the same color.

шаг 2-1.jpg (2.71 MB)

Step 4

To intensify the golden color of the pretzel's crust, use the O53 color.

шаг 4-1.jpg (3.92 MB)

Step 5

Make the pretzel even more golden using the O50 shade. It is important to smudge it with the O53 color for a smoother transition.

шаг 5-1.jpg (4.52 MB)

Step 6

To make the warm colors of the pretzel glow brighter, fill the background (paper) with a contrasting cold shade of B64. Deepen the falling shadow with B123. You can add a little dark-red shade to the pretzel's crust, for example, BR21.

шаг 6-1.jpg (4.08 MB)

Step 7

Emphasize the contrast of shadows under the pretzel with the BG40 marker. You can slightly fill in the white spots with a Y24 shade and leave the areas unpainted only from the light side.

шаг 7.jpg (4.04 MB)

Step 8

Finally, you can optionally add a little contour and draw salt cubes and highlights. To make the salt look transparent, do not fill it with the white color but draw only its contour.

шаг 8.jpg (4.21 MB)

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