Drawing an apple. Step-by-Step lesson.

Drawing an apple. Step-by-Step lesson.

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The work was created with materials:

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Colors used:

R54 Pink Snow, O14 Pastel Pink, V14 Sea Lavender, O11 Persimmon, R90 Deep Red

Step 1

Do a pencil sketch marking the lightest areas. Remove an extra pencil with a kneaded eraser.

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Step 2

Use the lightest shades of R54 Pink Snow, O14 Pastel Pink adding V14 Sea Lavender for the tablemat.

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Step 3

Start to darken the apple with O11 Persimmon leaving the lightest areas unpainted. Shape the apple with strokes.

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Step 4

Use R90 Deep Red, the darkest shade of red, where the apple comes into contact with the surface and along the overtone edges. Draw the shadow with cold gray shades and V14 Sea Lavender.

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Step 5

Use the O11 Persimmon marker again for some strokes to make the apple look more realistic. Add white dots with a pencil.

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