Easter egg. Step-by-step lesson

The work was created with materials:

Colors used:

Y14 Butter, R93 Rose, BR84 Latte, BR13 Oatmeal, B125 Princess Sofia, BR72 Beige, BR32 Rosy Brown, G52 Herb Green 

Step 1
Prepare a pencil sketch and add lines with SKETCHBAR liners and Artist fine pen
B98E7733-4EEE-4386-BF53-150A174CC86F.png (8.29 MB)
Step 2
Add base colors Y14, R93, BR84, BR13
4CF39FC6-8B61-41ED-B912-5F5140339492.png (8.64 MB)
Step 3
It’s time to add shades with B125 and BR72, BR32
73AA7D88-5F76-4D89-ACE4-21B2EF728E16.png (8.74 MB)
Step 4
Put some details with white pen and G52
118BCDA7-46B0-4EE5-B484-1349CFC44BCE.png (8.98 MB)
And it’s finished!
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