English house. Step-by-step tutorial

Step-by-step lesson "English House"

EngHome 8.jpg (3.10 MB)

The work was created with materials:

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Colors used:

BR12 Ginger, BR13 Oatmeal, NG7 Neutral Gray 7, GG7 Gray Green 7, BR22 Light Mahogany, BG33 Pale Dawn Gray, B64 Steel Blue, TG6 Toner Gray 6, TG4 Toner Gray 4, TG2 Toner Gray 2

Step 1

Make a graphic image without detailed drawing of trees. You need to remove the extra lead with a kneaded eraser before using markers.

EngHome 1.jpg (1.06 MB)

Step 2

With BR12 Ginger, BR13 Oatmeal and NG7 Neutral Gray 7 make the texture of a brick wall. We try to immediately show the structure of the masonry, without filling the entire wall. Strokes are made with a wide nib.

EngHome 2.jpg (2.24 MB)

Step 3

With GG7 Gray Green 7 fill the platband around the windows, lintel, canopy and roof overhang. Darken individual bricks with BR12 Ginger. Add the color BR22 Light Mahogany to the brickwork at random.

BG33 Pale Dawn Gray we make a window frame, shutters, greenery, a pot and a little shade in places the canopy.

EngHome 3.jpg (2.17 MB)

Step 4

With B64 Steel Blue we make our own shadows on the snow and reflection in the window. On large snowdrifts, you can leave reflected light at the bottom.

EngHome 4.jpg (2.64 MB)

Step 5

With TG4 Toner Gray 4 fill holes in the gable, roof cornice and canopy, tree trunks, bushes and loaches. The same color is used to reflect the surrounding trees in the window.

With TG6 Toner Gray 6 make all drop shadows, own and a drop shadow to the frame, the shutters and the shade of the canopy. Use the same color to create volume on snow-covered trees, indicating withered foliage. You can add TG6 Toner Gray 6 to the brickwork, emphasize the contours of objects in places.

EngHome 5.jpg (2.89 MB)

Step 6

With TG4 Toner Gray 4 enhance all shadows. With BR12 Ginger we combine bricks with dark spots, especially in places where shadows from plants and cornices fall. We use the same color to set the tone around light architectural elements to emphasize them. With BG33 Pale Dawn Gray we outline the tile in the foreground and darken the canopy a little.

EngHome 6.jpg (2.81 MB)

Step 7

With TG2 Toner Gray 2 make the deepest accents, work out the loaches on the wall. With B64 Steel Blue strengthen our own snow shadows and combine the dark areas under the branches and at the fence.

EngHome 7.jpg (3.12 MB)

Step 8

We finish the drawing with a white gel pen: finish the window covers, you can emphasize the masonry and draw a little snow on all horizontal surfaces. Also, for mood and atmosphere, you can show a flying snowball. Revision of the graphics is of course at the discretion of the author. You can also fill the background with markers, but make it a little lighter and without too much detail.

EngHome 8.jpg (3.10 MB)

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