Eucalyptus Flowers. Step-by-step

Step-by-step lesson "Eucalyptus Flowers»

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The work was created with materials:

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Used colors:

G53 Mantis, BR82 Brick Beige, V133 Conch Shell, BR84 Latte, BR31 Brown Henna, R52 Pale Rose, G83 Turtle Green, BG22 Mizzle, B15 Venice, G34 Daiquiri, G30 Olive Green, R42 Cyclamen, R72 Raspberry, R11 Shale

Step 1

Draw a pencil sketch: G53 Mantis leaves, BR82 Brick Beige branches, flowers V133 Conch Shell, BR84 Latte flower base.

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Step 2

Drawing the branches BR31 Brown Henna, R52 Pale Rose, G83 Turtle Green.

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Step 3

Darken the leaves with BG22 Mizzle, B15 Venice, G53 Mantis. We work with spots by pressing the tip of the marker. Draw small dashes and specks to show the non-uniform surface of the sheet.

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Step 4

Animate the leaf with acid-green G34 Daiquiri. Draw the edges of the leaf with G30 Olive Green.

эвка44.JPG (165 KB)

Step 5

Deepen the shadows of the colors with markers R42 Cyclamen, R72 Raspberry, R11 Shale.

эвка55.JPG (162 KB)

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