Gold lipstick. Step-by-step tutorial

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Step-by-step "Gold lipstick"

Frame 121.jpg (1.13 MB)

The work was created with materials:

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Used colors:

BG13 Sandstone, R93 Tortilla, BR52 Beaver, Y83 Ecru, BR10 Brown, BR90 Antique Hickory 

Step 1

Starting with the lightest marker. Fill in the dark areas with the basic color BG13 Sandstone, leaving white fields for highlights.

Frame 48.jpg (634 KB)


Starting to work with the top of the lipstick. Using BR52 Beaver, BR93 Tortilla adding volume and saturation. With Y83 Ecru soften the transition from dark colors BR52 Beaver, BR93 Tortilla to light BG13 Sandstone.

Frame 49.jpg (711 KB)


We do the same with the lower parts of the lipstick. We try to mix the borders of passing colors.

Frame 50.jpg (917 KB)


Add the "trembling" line fragments of the cut lipstick, showing the "shaggy" parts. We work with BR52 Beaver, BR93 Tortilla, Y83 Ecru.

Frame 51.jpg (1.03 MB)


We work through the dark areas once again by applying a second layer with BR52 Beaver. Soften the transition with BR93 Tortilla. Carefully select the dark places with BR10 Brown.

Frame 52.jpg (1.12 MB)


For more contrast add the color BR90 Antique Hickory, highlighting the darkest areas. We also work through areas with the shadow falling from the "hairy" sections of lipstick with BR52 Beaver and BR90 Antique Hickory.

Frame 53.jpg (1.09 MB)


With Y83 Ecru and BR93 Tortilla show the ellipsoid shape of the 2 lower parts of the lipstick using stroke movements.

Frame 54.jpg (1.15 MB)


Pass through the transition zones from dark to light with the color Y83 Ecru again, adding even more gold to the work.

Frame 55.jpg (1.14 MB)

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