How to draw Copper teapot

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The work was created with materials:

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Colors used:

Y14 Butter, O13 Flamingo, R114 Peach, BR24 Flesh Colour, BR32 Rosy Brown, O72 Clay Brown, BR42 Umber, R52 Pale Rose, BR91 Bronze, BR13 Oatmeal

Step 1
With  BR24 draw some vertical highlights1.jpg (353 KB)

Step 2
Use R114 and O13 to draw vertical lines on the teapot following the shape
2.jpg (401 KB)

Step 3
Deepen the dark areas with BR32 and R52 and blend the color transitions with R1143.jpg (440 KB)

Step 4
In the darkest areas under the lid make some horizontal strokes with BR32
4.jpg (429 KB)

Step 5
With R114 and BR32 draw the lid, follow the shape of the lid with your strokes
5.jpg (469 KB)

Step 6
Draw the darkest areas with BR91 and blend the color transitions with R1146.jpg (464 KB)

Step 7
Use O72 to emphasize the hue of copper, and use other markers to highlight the overall color of the teapot 7.jpg (455 KB)

Step 8
Add some more volume with R52

8.jpg (481 KB)

Step 9 
Draw the shadow under the teapot with BR42 and BR91. And it’s finished!9.jpg (216 KB)

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