How to draw a Christmas gift with Sketchmarker

The work was created with materials:

Colors used:

G20 Iguana, BR73 Larch, G81 Nile Green, R101 Ketchup, G110 Forest Geen, BG72 Gray Lilac

Step 1

Draw a cube and add a branch of fir tree and a cord

1.jpg (128 KB)

Step 2

Outline the sketch with SKETCHBAR Liner 0,1 and color the fir with G20

2.jpg (137 KB)

Step 3

olor the box with BR73, add shadows on the fir with G81 and make stripes on the cord with R101

3.jpg (144 KB)

Step 4

Add G110 to the fir to create more depth. Using BR73 and BR62 create a gradient and draw shadows on the box. Draw cast shadow under the box, the cord, the branch and in the folds with BG72

4.jpg (144 KB)

And it’s finished!
Sketch with us your most beautiful arts!
раскраска декабрь_подарок.jpg (576 KB)

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