How to draw a corgi

Пошаговка NEW - 402.jpg (2.24 MB)

The work was created with materials:

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Colors used:

O74 Satin, R53 English Rose, TG3 Toner Gray 3, CG6 Cool Gray 6, BR12 Ginger, TG1Toner Gray 1 

Step 1
Make a pencil sketch. Erase excess graphite with kneaded eraser.Пошаговка NEW - 398.jpg (705 KB)

Step 2
Color is the red areas with O74, use R53 for the tongue and the ears and  TG3 for the nose, mouth and eyes.Пошаговка NEW - 399.jpg (1.64 MB)

Step 3
Draw the folds of the blanket with CG6. Use the same color for cast shadows and to show corgi’s fur.Пошаговка NEW - 400.jpg (1.86 MB)

Step 4
Add some details on the face with BR12 and add some contrast to the darkest areas with TG1Пошаговка NEW - 401.jpg (1.97 MB)

Step 5
Use white gel pen for the fur. Add highlights to the eyes. Our cute corgi is ready!Пошаговка NEW - 402.jpg (2.24 MB)

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