How to draw a gingerbread man

Frame 18.png (2.64 MB)

The work was created with materials:

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Colors used:

R93 Rose, R92 Blush, R91 Rouge, BR31 Brown Henna, B94 Haze Blue, O82 Dijon Mustard, O72 Clay Brown, BR20 Chocolate, BG54 Marble, Y24 Almond, WG6 Warm Gray 6, BR14 Putty, BR83 Tan,BR13 Oatmeal, BR42 Umber, BG32 Winter Spruce, WG3 Warm Gray 3, V14 Sea Lavender

Step 1

Make a simple pencil sketch. Remove excess graphite with a kneaded eraser.

Frame 13.png (1.56 MB)

Step 2

Let's start with a cup.  Select 4 red markers of various shades: from the lightest to the darkest ones. For example, R93, R92, R91, BR31, and a blue B94. Leave the highlights untouched. 

Frame 14.png (1.61 MB)

Step 3

Paint the gingerbread over with the O82 color.  Highlight the surface to make it look uneven; put some dots with a brush nib and a bullet nib.  You can use any light shade, for example, BR64.  Add shadows with O72 and BR20.  

Frame 15.png (1.85 MB)

Step 4

Draw the marshmallows with BG54, Y24 and WG6 markers. Leave the lightest areas unpainted. 

Frame 16.png (2.30 MB)

Step 5

Draw a wooden stick with the BR14 color; create  a wood texture using BR83. Darken the side part with BR13, BR42, BG32 and WG3 markers.

Frame 17.png (2.45 MB)

Step 6

Outline the surface and shadows. Add areas of different sizes using the V14 marker.

Frame 18.png (2.64 MB)

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