How to draw a penguin step by step

Penguin drawing in just 5 Easy Steps!

This piece was created using the following materials:

Colors used:

V112 Opera Mauve, B112 Hydrangea, Y14 Butter, O83 Naples Yellow, B120 Midnight Blue.

Step 1

Draw basic shapes using a pencil. Focus in on several simple shapes - circles, ovals, triangles, etc.

B14ED69F-90F9-4B02-9E38-D35E315C00F4.png (4.92 MB)

Step 2

Use liner 0.1 to outline the contour and add in details.

F70947C8-0A3C-4C11-A26B-1E0BA0E42C19.png (4.95 MB)

Step 3

The following SKETCHBAR colors create a bright, fun image - V112, B112, and Y14 .

229A0EBE-39EE-4681-A595-B116BC3FC0D7.png (5.20 MB)

Step 4

The final touch will be the use of SKETCHBAR shades O83, V112, and B120. These will add depth and dimension.

52A5315D-AB8A-4634-AA60-02C0F2D11359.png (5.22 MB)

Step 5

Don’t forget to add some details with white pen.

271A9677-043F-451E-B726-0BC17C0FAF45.png (5.22 MB)

And it’s finished!

Sketch with us and share your version with us by linking below or uploading to social media and tagging us!
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