How to draw a pinecone step by step

how to draw a pinecone step by step

Pinecone drawing and shading in 4 easy steps!

This pinecone was created with the following materials:

Colors used:

BR13 Oatmeal, BR62 Mushroom, BR42 Umber, BR45 Milt Brown, Y54 Lemon Chiffon.

Step 1

First, draw an egg with a pencil and add a grid to it.

9FADAD3C-4EBA-4FF0-B05C-3B71297636D8.png (11.10 MB)

Step 2

Separate the scales into separate parts with a liner by outlining and adding details.

9FADAD3C-4EBA-4FF0-B05C-3B71297636D8.png (11.10 MB)

Step 3

Begin to color using SKETCHBAR BR13 and BR62.

646F8167-FDA4-41CB-8AEB-1ED5CA75EC99.png (11.96 MB)

Step 4

Add depth using SKETCHBAR BR42, BR45, and Y54 

58776843-27ED-4AB5-82E6-1FF936461DEC.png (12.25 MB)


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