How to draw a sandwich

Пошаговка NEW - 448.png (788 KB)
The work was created with materials:

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Colors used:

BR12 Ginger, B94 Haze Blue, G20 Iguana, BR62 Mushroom, WG2 Warm Gray 2, V91 Sad Violet, V14 Sea Lavender, O72 Clay Brown, BR42 Umber, BR50 Dark Brown

Step 1
Make a pencil sketch
Пошаговка NEW - 443.png (478 KB)

Step 2
Use BR12 to color bread and mushrooms, B94 to show a shadow on cheese, and G20 for rosemary
Пошаговка NEW - 444.png (644 KB)

Step 3
Make the mushrooms more saturated with BR62, WG2 adding these colors to the core shadow. Use V91 to draw the holes in bread.
Пошаговка NEW - 445.png (676 KB)

Step 4
Add volume to the cheese with V14, with O72 «roast» the bread. Show bread’s texture with BR42
Пошаговка NEW - 446.png (702 KB)

Step 5
Add contrast to the mushrooms with BR50, work on details of black pepper
Пошаговка NEW - 447.png (734 KB)

Step 6
Use white gel pen for highlights!
Пошаговка NEW - 448.png (788 KB)

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