How to draw a seashell

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The work was created with materials:

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Colors used:

B94 Haze Blue, V14 Sea Lavender, Y54 Lemon Chiffon, B53 Stonewash, Y13 Cheese, O72 Clay Brown, B51 Blue Fjord, O43 Honey, V53 Lavender, BR20 Chocolate, BR50 Dark Brown

Step 1
Make a pencil sketch. Draw purple-blue areas with B94 and V14, add Y54 to show the glowing areas of the inner part.р1.jpg (95 KB)

Step 2
Make the saturation of the blue part of the shell stronger with B53, add Y54 to the body part of the seashell and Y13 to the middle. Using O72 draw the brown pattern on the shell.р2.jpg (119 KB)

Step 3
Deepen the blue color with B51, add O43 for inner glow. Use V53 to draw core shadow.

р3.jpg (127 KB)

Step 4
Highlight the pattern on the bottom part of the seashell with BR20 и BR50, add some spots of the same colors to the body part of the shell.р4.jpg (142 KB)

Step 5
With white gel pen draw details and highlights. Our glowing seashell is finished!р5.jpg (151 KB)

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