How to draw a spring flower

The work was created with materials:

Colors used:

V53 Lavender, G20 Iguana, G81 Nile Green, V71 Perfect Plum, V73 Opal Purple, V31 Crocus

Step 1
Use pencil or bright marker to make a sketch
photo_2023-03-22_09-28-18.jpg (149 KB)
Step 2
Add basic colors - Sketchmarker V53, G20.
photo_2023-03-22_09-28-17 (2).jpg (155 KB)
Step 3
Now use G81, V71, V73 to add some shades.
photo_2023-03-22_09-28-17.jpg (156 KB)
Step 4
Add more shades with V82, V31 and the final touch is to add details with a white pen! 
photo_2023-03-22_09-28-16.jpg (156 KB)
And it’s finished!
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