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Whether you're just learning to draw, or are a professional artist looking for a new challenge, drawing a mitten can be a fun and rewarding experience. By following these simple steps, you'll have an adorable mitten doodle in no time!

HOW to draw mittens

These mittens were created using the following materials:

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Colors used:


Step1  Make a pencil sketch

IMG_9166.JPEG (99 KB)

Step 2  Color in the shadow areas of the mittens with RED

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Step 3  Use GRAY MOUSE for shadows on the heart

IMG_9168.JPEG (280 KB)

Step 4  Color the darkest areas on the mittens with UMBER and use COOL GRAY for the darkest parts of the heart

IMG_9169.JPEG (343 KB)

Step 5  Make some strokes on the arms with GRAY MOUSE

IMG_9170.JPEG (334 KB)

Step 6 Use a waterbrush to wash all the areas. When the sketch is dry, darken the shadows with RED and wash then once again
IMG_9171.JPEG (351 KB)

Step 7 Make several strokes on the palette with the RED marker and add water. Use white gouache for white splashes. Spatter the paints on the paper with toothbrush or a bristle brush. And it’s done!

IMG_9172.JPEG (435 KB)


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