How to draw snowflakes step by step

Learn how to draw and color a snowflake with this easy step by step tutorial.

The work was created with materials:

Colors used:

B64 Steel Blue, B125 Princess Sofia, V95 Peony

Step 1

Draw a soft pencil sketch using a basic "snowflake" shape.

045F743F-2F4D-4EBD-AB57-0BB1FC1D573F.png (5.85 MB)

Step 2

Add an outline just outside the pencil lines using a liner to add dimension. Use B64 to emphasize the edges.

04FA6F1E-8C4F-422F-A4FE-2CB5E367BD19.png (5.87 MB)

Step 3

Now add the background. To do this, mix the following colors in a circular motion - B64, B125, V95.

28947212-26AC-4C62-8A69-42DD2EE10EDB.png (5.95 MB)

Step 4

When adding these colors, leave empty spaces so that there are white areas between the colored spots.

7FA8D1F8-7301-4D69-81D8-11EEAAF7B2AF.png (6.11 MB)

Don’t forget to add some details with a white pen. This will make the image pop off the page.

And it’s finished!

We would love for you to give this a try and share your results below or on social media! Be certain to leave a comment if you have questions or were inspired!
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