Interior. Step-by-step tutorial

Step-by-step lesson "Interior"

Frame 123.jpg (2.95 MB)

The work was created with materials:

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Used colors:

CG2 Cool gray 2, V20 Night Sky, G91 Fern Green, G142 Green Verditer, Y43 Eggshell, BR43 Ash, B54 Zenith Blue, G143 Mint, G142 Green Verditer, SG4 Simple Gray 4, WG5 Warm Gray 5, CG2 Cool gray 2 

Step 1

Easy to build with a pencil. Show the main interior items more actively.

Frame 80.jpg (1.19 MB)

Step 2

Plan a denser background.

Frame 81.jpg (1.44 MB)

Step 3

With CG2 Cool gray 2 the background becomes more neutral, the openness of the color is extinguished by V20 Night Sky. Cover dark interior items.

Frame 82.jpg (1.80 MB)

Step 4

With G91 Fern Green, G142 Green Verditer, Y43 Eggshell cover the shadow part of bright interior items: pillows and wall carpet.

Frame 83.jpg (2.07 MB)

Step 5

With BR43 Ash cover the floor (beech parquet board).

Frame 84.jpg (2.46 MB)

Step 6

B54 Zenith Blue is the main color of leather cover on the sofa.

G143 Mint is an additional semitone to G142 Green Verditer, because the pillow has a complex pattern.

SG4 Simple Gray 4 is an additional gray color, we begin to "sculpt" the shape.

Frame 85.jpg (2.67 MB)

Step 7

WG5 Warm Gray 5 is a warm semitone that necessary to combine all items. We are working through the rug in front of the sofa in detail. We make the most of all the existing colors to work through the shape of each item. Brushes allow you to make a fairly fine work.

Frame 86.jpg (2.88 MB)

Step 8

With CG2 Cool gray 2 outline wall panels very easy. It is the basic detailing with white and black liners.

Frame 87.jpg (2.97 MB)

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