Platband. Step-by-step tutorial

Step-by-step lesson "Platband"

Frame 96.jpg (3.31 MB)

The work was created by materials:

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The lesson uses colors:

B71 Cobalt Blue, BR21 Garnet, WG5 Warm Gray 5, TG5 Toner Gray 5 

Step 1

Draw the platband using a liner.

Frame 89.jpg (817 KB)

Step 2

In the second step, we continue working with liner and add brickwork.

Frame 90.jpg (1.65 MB)

Step 3

Cover the platband with the color B71 Cobalt Blue.

Frame 91.jpg (2.57 MB)

Step 4

Strengthen the shadow places with B71 Cobalt Blue, cover with 2,3,4 layers.

Frame 92.jpg (2.65 MB)

Step 5

Add color to the brick with BR21 Garnet. Randomly cover the brickwork. Selectively cover the bricks in 1, 2, 3, layers to get different color saturation.

Frame 93.jpg (3.09 MB)

Step 6

Draw the seams between the bricks, add the color WG5 Warm Gray 5.

Frame 94.jpg (3.30 MB)

Step 7

Add shadows with the color TG5 Toner Gray 5. We draw the darkest places using the liner.

Frame 95.jpg (3.35 MB)

Step 8

Add "goodies" to our sketch. Draw cracks on the brickwork using a liner.

Frame 96.jpg (3.31 MB)

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