Sneakers. Step-by-step

Step-by-step lesson "Sneakers"

Frame 126.jpg (1.78 MB)

The work was created with materials:

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Colors used:

Y55 White Yellow, SG7 Simple Gray 7, G43 Celery, O14 Pastel Pink, TG7 Toner Gray 7, G11 Yellow Green, G30 Olive Green, V54 Periwinkle, O44 Mango, CG2 Cool gray 2, BR13 Oatmeal

Step 1

Make a drawing with a pencil; there were drawn other laces, more understandable, in my opinion.

Frame 24.jpg (726 KB)

Step 2

Y55 White Yellow, SG7 Simple Gray 7, G43 Celery, O14 Pastel Pink. Erase the outline so that it is barely visible. Paint over everything with the lightest shades, except for the white parts.

Frame 25.jpg (1.09 MB)

Step 3

TG7 Toner Gray 7. Arrange partial shade in the grey areas of the sneaker.

Frame 26.jpg (1.17 MB)

Step 4

G11 Yellow Green, G30 Olive Green, G43 Celery. In the middle of the green inserts leave a light green, you can once again walk with a light color. Then connect the middle green. We take dark green only for the right sneaker! Try to make a smoother transition from the dark green edge to the green main color (the paper did not allow me).

Frame 27.jpg (1.26 MB)

Step 5

V54 Periwinkle, O44 Mango. We outline the yellow element in the shadow. We make a light cold shadow all over the right side of the right sneaker and on the foot too.

Frame 28.jpg (1.32 MB)

Step 6

CG2 Cool gray 2, TG7 Toner Gray 7. On the left sneaker, we outline the holes in the middle gray and the shadow under the "tongue". Don't touch it again to highlight the right sneaker, since it's in the foreground. On the right sneaker, we outline the darkest places and refine the shadows with medium gray.

Frame 29.jpg (1.40 MB)

Step 7

BR13 Oatmeal. Plan penumbra on the feet.

Frame 30.jpg (1.40 MB)

Step 8

SG7 Simple Gray 7. Carefully add shadows on feet. And voila! Our stylish sneakers are ready!

Frame 31.jpg (1.79 MB)

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