Snowdrops. Step-by-step tutorial

Step-by-step lesson "Snowdrops"

Frame 120.jpg (2.92 MB)

The work was created with materials:

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Used colors:

G32 Chartreuse, G51 Jade, BG22 Mizzle, BR62 Mushroom, BR63 Sahara Beige, V91 Sad Violet, Y65 Aniseed, G44 Willow green, V62 Purple sage, B115 Pale Iceberg 

Step 1

A linear drawing. Foreground - liner 0.5.

Frame 56.jpg (1.14 MB)

Step 2

Draw the light parts.

Frame 57.jpg (1.45 MB)

Step 3


G32 Chartreuse 

G51 Jade

BG22 Mizzle

BR62 Mushroom

Frame 58.jpg (2.89 MB)

Step 4

The shadow between the leaves:

BG22 Mizzle

BR62 Mushroom

BR63 Sahara Beige

V91 Sad Violet

Make white highlights with a pen.

Frame 59.jpg (2.99 MB)

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