Summer window. Step-by-step lesson

Summer window. Step-by-step lesson

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The work was created by materials:

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The lesson uses colors:

BG52 Dark Cloud, BG50 Ponderosa Pine, R111 Red, O52 Laughing Orange, BR73 Larch, BR74 Light Ivy, Y12 Gold, O31 Tiger, BR32 Rosy Brown, BG83 Arctic Gray, G91 Fern Green, G80 Evergreen, BR51 Burnt Umber


Do a preparatory pencil sketch. Make a general drawing of flowers in pots without detailing. Remove extra pencil lead with a kneaded eraser.

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Fill the window frame and flower pots using the wide nib of the BR32 and BR43 markers. Add color to the individual bricks on the wall.  Color the flower heads of different sizes with Y12 and O31.

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Boldly introduce warm brown shades into the masonry with a wide nib and draw the wicker window blinds right after.  The light shade is BR74, the slightly darker one is BR73. You can apply several layers on individual bricks and the penumbra of the blinds.

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Introduce cold colors into the artwork. Fill in the window reflection, the apron, and the first layers of shadows near the windowsill area with BG83. Form the lightest foliage with G91 paying attention to the specific shape of the leaves.

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Finish the geranium leaves with the darker G80 color give close attention to their rounded shape, shade the leaves in a long pot a bit. Deepen the shadows and make the window frame thicker with BR5.

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Since the sunlight is warm, the shadows should be of a cold shade. Add BG50 to the shadows and smudge with BG52. Make the left half of the window reflection denser. Fill foliage shadows on the pots and imperfections of the windowsill with BG52.

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Detail the geranium heads adding a darker R111 color to the shadow area with small strokes and form orange flowers with the O52 marker. Slightly deepen the reflection with BG52 and add details to the masonry with BR73.

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In the end, you can add small details, contours, white highlights, and a text on the sign under the window.

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