White on white: pearl. Step-by-step

Step-by-step lesson "White on white: pearl"

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The work was created with materials:

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Used colors:

Y65 Aniseed, V105 Heather, B115 Pale Iceberg, O13 Flamingo, English Rose, V104 Pink Lavender, B114 Sapphire, V94 Tango Pink, BG84 Silver Fox, R114 Peach

You need to saturate the tone gradually, very carefully. It is better to type for a long time, because any sloppy movement can be overdone, and there will be no airiness. If it has happened, it will be a great lesson in working with the tone.


We prepare a pencil drawing. You can use everything you have.

unnamed 1.png (39 KB)


We make the first fill, you need to pick up all the colors of the same tone and very carefully pour them into each other, creating smooth transitions without streaks. I drew with Sketchmarker markers at this and subsequent stages. Colors: Y65 Aniseed, V105 Heather, B115 Pale Iceberg, O13 Flamingo.

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Next, you need to add a little volume with colors that are a shade darker. I used: R53 English Rose, V104 Pink Lavender, B114 Sapphire and V94 Tango Pink.

unnamed (3) 1-1.png (246 KB)


We make a slightly prominent contour and draw a falling shadow, adding even more bright reflections with BG84 Silver Fox and R114 Peach.

unnamed 1-1.png (358 KB)

Our pearl is shining!

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