Wild Anemone. Step-by-step

Step-by-step lesson "Wild Anemone"

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The work was created with materials:

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Colors used:

R55 Cotton candy, R74 Powder, V94 Tango Pink, B115 Pale Iceberg, R14 Plum Frost, R74 Powder, Y14 Butter, V54 Periwinkle, G45 Pistachio, BG52 Dark Cloud 

Step 1

Start with R55 Cotton candy, pass through the petals of the flower and bud.

Anem 1.png (1.23 MB)

Step 2

Enhance the saturation with R74 Powder. It is necessary to lay out strokes in the direction of petal growth already at the initial stages, noting the curves and general plasticity.

Anem 2.png (1.11 MB)

Step 3

Use V94 Tango Pink to mark the shadows on the flower petals and on the bud.

Anem 3.png (1.23 MB)

Step 4

Add B115 Pale Iceberg. It adds a cool tone to the petals, that makes them weightless and translucent.

Anem 4.png (1.33 MB)

Step 5

Use R14 Plum Frost in conjunction with R74 Powder (for shading), start to strengthen the shadows on the flower and bud. Follow the direction of the strokes very carefully, they should fall in shape.

Anem 5.png (1.38 MB)

Step 6

Work out the stamens and add warm reflexes around the middle of the anemone (imitate fallen pollen) with Y14 Butter + R74 Powder.

Anem 6.png (1.47 MB)

Step 7

Use V54 Periwinkle together with R55 Cotton candy, working through the shadows, modeling the total volume of the flower and bud.

Anem 7.png (1.47 MB)

Step 8

Add G45 Pistachio + V54 Periwinkle to work on green stems and the core of the Anemone.

Anem 8.png (1.60 MB)

Step 9

Work with two markers in parallel BG52 Dark Cloud + G45 Pistachio, for good shading of dark spots. Pay special attention to the formation of shadows on the bud.

Anem 9.png (1.65 MB)

Step 10

Add Faber-Castell 239 Lilac to refine the details (emphasize the plastic of the petals, work with the middle of the flower, add veins on the petals). If necessary, clear lines can be shaded with R74 Powder (be sure to clean the writing node of the marker after work).

In the final, add a white gel pen and, together with the brushpen, add the hairs on the stem, the veins on the flower petals, on the bud and the stamens.

Anem 10.png (1.43 MB)

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