Zendoodle flowers. Step-by-step tutorial

Step-by-step lesson "Zendoodle flowers"

Frame 88.jpg (1.75 MB)

The work was created with materials:

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Used colors:

R83 Dusky Rose, R90 Deep Red, R34 Ice Pearl, BR85 Cosmic Latte, BR11 Mustard, BG83 Arctic Gray, BG42 Slate Green, G112 Spruce Green, B75 Blue Shadow, B23 Duck Egg, R51 Faded rose, O25 Rose Champagne, BG71 Blue Gray

Step 1

Starting with the outline. I use a 0.05 mm liner. If you find it difficult to compose a drawing on a sheet at once, you can first use a pencil.

Frame 72.jpg (1.42 MB)

Step 2

Draw the contours of the patterns with a thin liner and start gradually filling them with color.

Frame 73.jpg (1.14 MB)

Step 3

Сontinue to paint and add brown colors to the work.

Frame 74.jpg (1.27 MB)

Step 4

Elements that look like leaves are colored with green markers.

Frame 75.jpg (1.62 MB)

Step 5

Add delicate blue colors to the drawing. Fill the shadow sides of the elements with the darker one.

Frame 76.jpg (1.65 MB)

Step 6

Make a smooth color transition from light to dark to represent the volume, when coloring berries.

Frame 77.jpg (1.68 MB)

Step 7

Color the curls and the remaining flowers.

Frame 78.jpg (1.79 MB)

Step 8

Fill the remaining greens with different colors of green.

Frame 79.jpg (1.89 MB)

Step 9

Add gray colors to the work.

Deepen the shadows with black. Add highlights to the convex places of the elements (with white gel pen).

Frame 88.jpg (1.75 MB)

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