A coffee pot and a cup. Step-by-step

Step-by-step lesson "A coffee pot and a cup"

Frame 47.jpg (2.18 MB)

The work was created with materials:

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Colors used:

B24 Baby Blue, B22 Frosted Jade, B53 Stonewash, B51 Blue Fjord, BG71 Blue Gray, CG7 Cool Gray 7, CG4 Cool Gray 4, CG1 Cool Gray 1, BR63 Sahara Beige, BR81 Earth Yellow, BR80 Brunette

Step 1

With B24 Baby Blue plan the places that will be the brightest highlights in the future.

Frame 40.jpg (1.39 MB)

Step 2

With B22 Frosted Jade begin to darken the drawing and work through the rest of the surface of the dishes (light).

Frame 41.jpg (1.88 MB)

Step 3

B53 Stonewash and B22 Frosted Jade are two colors that we apply at the same time for the complexity of the color and continue to darken objects (semitone).

Frame 42.jpg (2.05 MB)

Step 4

Add B51 Blue Fjord what makes shadows appear.

Frame 43.jpg (2.01 MB)

Step 5

With BG71 Blue Gray deepen the shadows as much as possible in some places.

Frame 44.jpg (2.06 MB)

Step 6

We work through the cup, light and metal parts on other objects from light to shadow with CG7 Cool Gray 7, CG4 Cool gray 4CG1 Cool gray 1.

Frame 45.jpg (2.22 MB)

Step 7

Draw coffee and spices with BR63 Sahara Beige, BR81 Earth Yellow, BR80 Brunette.

Frame 46.jpg (2.16 MB)

Step 8

There are falling shadows from objects, so do not make them too large, they are needed that the drawing does not hang in the air. In order that the shadow of the cup does not stand out much, you do not need to make it big.

Frame 47.jpg (2.18 MB)

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