Candle. Step-by-step

The work was created with materials:

Colors used:
Y64 Soft Lime, B63 Carolina Blue, Y14 Butter, R113 Candy Apple Red, G20 Iguana, R112 Mandarin, R122 Vermolion, G110Forest Green.
Step 1
First, draw the cylinder.
photo_2023-04-14_15-12-04.jpg (235 KB)
Step 2
Add an outline with a 0.1 liner and add some colors for the flame with SKETCHBAR Y64, B63.
photo_2023-04-14_15-12-03 (2).jpg (235 KB)
Step 3
Add color to the candle body using SKETCHBAR Y14, R113, G20.
photo_2023-04-14_15-12-03.jpg (240 KB)
Step 4
Now we add contrast and depth using deeper tones such as SKETCHBAR R112, R122, G110.
photo_2023-04-14_15-12-02.jpg (245 KB)
And it’s finished!
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