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Step-by-step lesson"Cozy Cafe"

сканирование0030-6-1.png (954 KB)

The work was created with materials:

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Used colors:

Y24 Almond, O44 Mango, BR64 Lion, O83 Naples Yellow, BR73 Larch, CG4 Cool gray 4, NG2 Neutral Gray 2, BR50 Dark Brown, BR84 Latte, BR42 Umber, B24 Baby Blue, NG4 Neutral Gray 4, BR22 Light Mahogany


We perform a preparatory graphic drawing. You need to remove extra lead with a nag before using markers. It is especially important to leave a barely noticeable outline for glowing objects.

сканирование0030-9.png (355 KB)

Step 2

With Y24 Almond we make the first tone in the brightest places where there will be a bright light, without painting over the source itself and warm reflections on the window frame. Using O44 Mango we cover the second layer around and blend it with the previous color to get a smooth transition. The same color we make the foliage.

With BR64 Lion we fill the ceiling in the most illuminated part, add it to the table and to the walls of the vestibule. O83 Naples Yellow - fill the pumpkins, leaving light highlights and add this color to the foliage.

сканирование0030-4-1.png (421 KB)

Step 3

BR73 Larch is the main sub-tone in the room, by which we fill the ceiling, shading it with the color O44 Mango around the lights, vestibule, part of the walls, window sill, fill in the silhouettes of people, leaving the outline unpainted, thereby getting the effect of a backlight. We darken the star in the foreground and make partial shadows of pumpkins.

сканирование0030-7.png (619 KB)

Step 4

The frame of the window and door opening is made in the colors CG4 Cool Gray 4, NG2 Neutral Gray 2 and BR50 Dark Brown. Leave the areas where the light source is visible next to the frame unpainted. At this point add BR73 Larch or another light warm color. Immediately apply several layers of BR50 Dark Brown, darkening the frame according to the reference.

сканирование0030-7.png (619 KB)

Step 5

With BR84 Latte we fill the tile around the window, emphasize individual tiles in several layers at once, and make partial shadows.

Use CG4 Cool gray 4 to draw the plinth, immediately enhance the tone at the junction of the surfaces and show a little texture of the brick.

сканирование0030-5-1.png (847 KB)

Step 6

With SCG4 Cool Gray 4 fill the background around the figures, leaving the open kitchen in the cafe light, darken the entrance walls, make partial shadows on the figures of people. Add this color to the penumbra of objects inside the cafe. Making a shadow over the window. Use BR84 Latte to fill in the partially white areas inside the cafe.

сканирование0030-3-1.png (941 KB)

Step 7

Add BR42 Umber in all penumbra, getting a complex shade of the drawing. We draw a few details on the figures of people. We shade the frame a little with the same color in the places where it turns to gray. Fill door threshold, immediately shading the side surfaces.

сканирование0030-3-1.png (941 KB)

Step 8

With NG4 Neutral Gray 4 we shade the sidewalk in front of the cafe, darken the plinth, and make some contours inside the cafe.

Add a little blue B24 Baby Blue to the open kitchen area and to the top of the plinth.

With BR50 Dark Brown we increase the contrast of shadows, emphasize different details of the drawing (lamps, vestibule, threshold), draw tree branches. Add a red brick with BR22 Light Mahogany in the shade of pumpkins and leaves. Together with the color O83 Naples Yellow we "scatter" the leaves on the sidewalk.

сканирование0030-3-1.png (941 KB)

Step 9

We are working on the drawing with contours made with a pencil or a thin liner. With a white pen, you can correct randomly colored highlights, emphasize details such as pumpkin tails and brickwork, and make an inscription on the front door. In conclusion, you can use a white chalk or wax pencil to shade the glass a little on the diagonal.

сканирование0030-6-1.png (954 KB)

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