Fashion portrait. Step-by-step

Step-by-step lesson "Fashion portrait"

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The work was created with materials:

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Colors used:

R40 Crimson, BR15 Ivory Cream, R115 Daisy, B54 Zenith Blue, B25 Glacier Blue, BG34 Dust, Y103 Flaxen, R84 Lace, BG33 Pale Dawn Gray, B24 Baby Blue, B23 Duck Egg, BR14 Putty, Y102 Hazel Wood, TG5 Toner Gray 5, BG32 Winter Spruce, BR12 Ginger, BR13 Oatmeal, BG84 Silver Fox, B20 Profound, B22 Frosted Jade, V94 Tango Pink, Y100 Green Parka, R10 Red Wood

Step 1

Draw a portrait in pencil, do not forget to follow the basic proportions. Make a color substrate for the face and hand with BR15 Ivory Cream. The skin area in glasses is covered with R115 Daisy, the same color is applied to the shadow area of the forehead. Also, we create blue gradients on the eyes with B54 Zenith Blue and B25 Glacier Blue.

For headscarf and furs, we use B25 Glacier Blue and BG34 Dust. Сover ring and lipstick Y103 Flaxen. For the tongue, we use R84 Lace.

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Step 2

Apply darker shades to the headscarf according to the shape of the folds: BG33 Pale Dawn Gray, B24 Baby Blue, B23 Duck Egg.

Make brighter transitions in glasses: R84 Lace, BR14 Putty, B54 Zenith Blue. For the skin, we use BR14 Putty. Glasses, lipstick and ring are covered with Y102 Hazel Wood. Iris of the eye is covered with B23 Duck Egg. The area in the mouth is painted over with TG5 Toner Gray 5.

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Step 3

Detailing the folds on the headscarf with BG32 Winter Spruce and B23 Duck Egg. Refine the skin with BR13 Oatmeal, SM-BR12 Ginger, and draw the falling shadows with BG84 Silver Fox. For teeth we use B54 Zenith Blue, B25 Glacier Blue and BG84 Silver Fox. We detail the eyes with BG84 Silver Fox, B20 Profound, B22 Frosted Jade and V94 Tango Pink.

Glasses, lipstick and ring are specified using Y103 Flaxen, Y102 Hazel wood and Y100 Green Parka.

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Step 4

Draw eyebrows with a black pencil, and use it to refine glasses, eyelashes and all the contours on face and hand. Use a white pen to draw highlights on glasses, lipstick and ring. Darken the headscarf with TG5 Toner Gray 5. The final chord is apply the lipstick with R40 Crimson and R10 Red Wood.

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