Delicious heart-shaped candy. Step-by-step

The work was created with materials:

Colors used:
R73 Coral Pink, B54 Zenith Blue, R122 Vermilion, R62 Lipstick Red, R100 Red Sweater.
Step 1
First, prepare a pencil sketch
photo_2023-04-14_15-12-08 (2).jpg (96 KB)
Step 2
Add an outline and some Color with R73 and B54.
photo_2023-04-14_15-12-07.jpg (102 KB)
Step 3
Now it’s time to fill the heart with R122 and make it more voluminous with R62.
photo_2023-04-14_15-12-06 (2).jpg (105 KB)
Step 4
After adding these colors, make some darker lines with R100 and don’t forget to add highlights with gell pen.
photo_2023-04-14_15-12-06.jpg (108 KB)
And it’s finished!
Sketch with us your most beautiful arts!

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