How to draw a dog. Step-by-step

Step-by-step lesson "How to draw a dog"

 Frame 22.jpg (691 KB)

The work was created with materials:

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Used colors:

SG8 Simple Gray 8, CG3 Cool gray 3, BR42 Umber, CG1 Cool gray 1, CG5 Cool gray 5

Step 1

Define the simple shapes of dog is made of.

 Frame 16.jpg (375 KB)

Step 2

Lighten the outline of the figures and add the details.

 Frame 17.jpg (421 KB)

Step 3

Use a thin liner to make a "light stroke". Live some lines incomplete.

 Frame 18.jpg (507 KB)

Step 4

With the SG8 Simple Gray 8 tone, fill the shadow areas and dog’s ears.

 Frame 19.jpg (644 KB)

Step 5

Using the CG3 Cool gray 3 tone, we apply spots on the Dalmatian and paint over the ears and nose, leaving out the white fleck on the nose.

 Frame 20.jpg (753 KB)

Step 6

With the marker BR42 Umber we paint the pupils, and with the tone CG1 Cool gray 1 we darken the ears and work out the nose.

 Frame 21.jpg (699 KB)

Step 7

We deepen the shadows with a CG5 Cool gray 5 tone.

Frame 22.jpg (691 KB)

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