How to draw an avocado step by step

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Avocado drawing and coloring in 6 easy steps!

This avocado was created with the following materials:

Colors used:

G20 Iguana, G64 Light Green, Y54 Lemon Chiffon, BR12 Ginger, O72 Clay Brown, BR84 Latte, CG2 Cool gray 2, CG4 Cool gray 4, BG20 Oolong, BG93 Pale Gray

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Step 1
Make a pencil sketch and erase excess graphite with kneaded eraser.

6-1.jpg (2.03 MB)

Step 2
With G20 draw dark green avocado skin, soften the edges a bit with G64 and color in the center with Y54. Use BR12 and O72 for avocado kernel.

6-2.jpg (2.05 MB)

Step 3
On the other half of the avocado draw the hollow from the kernel with G64 and BR84

6-3.jpg (2.62 MB)

Step 4
Add cast shadows with CG4 and CG2. Use O72 to add brightness to the kernel and bring some contrast to the skin with BG20

6-4.jpg (2.66 MB)

Step 5
Add some texture to the pulp with BG93. Use the same color for the cast shadow

6-5.jpg (2.66 MB)

Step 6
Show some details on the kernel and on the skin using a white gel pen. Avocado is done!

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