How to draw frog. Step-by-step.

Step-by-step lesson "How to draw frog"

009.JPG (1.64 MB)

The work was created with materials:

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Used colors:

O52 Laughing Orange, G62 Grass, B53 Stonewash, V14 Sea Lavender, B94 Haze Blue, CG2 Cool Gray 2, B51 Blue Fjord, G51 Jade, R114 Peach, BG72 Gray Lilac, O31 Tiger 

Step 1

Make a pencil sketch. Then we erase the pencil so that the lines remain barely noticeable.

001.JPG (911 KB)

Step 2

Fill the stem and green parts of the frog with the G62 Grass marker. Mark the eyes and paws O52 Laughing Orange.

002 frog.JPG (1.14 MB)

Step 3

Add the blue color B53 Stonewash to the paws, and also add volume on the white body due to V14 Sea Lavender and B94 Haze Blue. Add the pupils of with the color CG2 Cool Gray2. 

003 frog.JPG (1.33 MB)

Step 4

We increase the contrast of the blue color on the legs with B51 Blue Fjord, add volume to the stem with the marker G51 Jade, add peach reflexes to the white areas due to R114 Peach.

004.JPG (1.12 MB)

Step 5

Add textures to the blue paws using B51 Blue Fjord and BG72 Gray Lilac, show the volume on the orange paws and eyes using O52 Laughing Orange and O31 Tiger.

005 frog.JPG (1.36 MB)

Step 6

Add more peach reflexes to the white with R114 Peach, show the skin texture on the muzzle with G20 Iguana, and re-fill the stem with this marker.

006 frog.JPG (1.27 MB)

Step 7

Fill the muzzle G62 Grass, show the skin texture.

007 frog.JPG (1.20 MB)

Step 8

Add dots on the skin with a white pen, draw highlights on the paws and eyes.

008.JPG (1.19 MB)

Step 9

If desired, you can draw the background: fill with G62 Grass, add G20 Iguana and B51 Blue Fjord in the shadows.

009.JPG (1.64 MB)

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