How to draw skin. Step-by-step

Step-by-step lesson "How to draw skin"

Mask Group 6.png (369 KB)

The work was created with materials:

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Used colors:

BR14 Putty, R84 Lace, R14 Plum Frost, BR43 Ash, WG2 Warm Gray 2, BR20 Chocolate, BR13 Oatmeal, BR12 Ginger, BR24 Flesh Colour, R83 Dusky Rose, WG3 Warm Gray 3

Step 1
We start with a line drawing of the lips and part of the face.

Mask Group.png (200 KB)

Step 2
The main underlay used for skin color is BR14 Putty. We apply it on the whole face, except for the lips, in several layers. The base for the lip color is R84 Lace on the upper lip and R14 Plum Frost on the lower lip, on the corners of the upper lip BR43 Ash. The darkest places in the picture are WG2 Warm Gray 2 and BR20 Chocolate, apply them to the corners of the lips, in the open mouth, and BR20 Chocolate in the shadow under the nose.

Mask Group-1.png (278 KB)

Step 3

The main skin color is BR13 Oatmeal, in the skin shadows is BR12 Ginger, the medium tone is BR24 Flesh Colour. Starting from the darkest BR12 Ginger, apply it from the bottom line of the cheeks to up, under the lips, under the nose, make a transition to lighter shades, mix with BR13 Oatmeal and BR24 Flesh Colour.

Mask Group-2.png (315 KB)

Step 4

Increase the tone of the lips and shadows on the lips with R14 Plum Frost, add volume with BR43 Ash, R83 Dusky Rose, apply BR20 Chocolate
in the darkest places.

Mask Group-3.png (364 KB)

Step 5

Apply over the entire face, depending on the light, from the darkest BR12 Ginger, BR13 Oatmeal, BR14 Plum Frost and BR24 Flesh Colour, as pigmentation on the skin. Extra bright freckles can be overcoated with BR14 Putty skin tone to soften the transition. Add R83 Dusky Rose, WG3 Warm Gray 3, WG2 Warm Gray 2 to the lips.

Mask Group-4.png (382 KB)

Step 6

Add details, color depth with the darkest colors and highlights with a white pen.

Mask Group 6.png (369 KB)

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