How to draw the Peacock Butterfly

The work was created with materials:

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Used colors:

SM-G53 Mantis, SM-G51 Jade, SM-G30 Olive Green, SM-G33 Meadow Green, SM-G143 Mint, SM-CG1 Cool gray 1, SM-BG54 Marble, SM-R81 Firebrick, SM-R92 Blush, SM-B13 Clear Aqua, SM-V20 Night Sky. 

Step 1

You can start with the background.  The background is optional, with the outlines of leaves, veins and shadows visible here and there.  You can use green markers: SKETCHMARKER SM-G53 Mantis, SM-G51 Jade, SM-G30 Olive Green, SM-G33 Meadow Green, SM-G143 Mint.

photo_2020-12-21 13.03.21.jpeg (126 KB)

Step 2

Next, draw the darkest spots on the wings of the butterfly with SKETCHMARKER SM-CG1 Cool gray 1, blur the edges with the lighter SKETCHMARKER SM-BG54 Marble.

photo_2020-12-21 13.03.26.jpeg (173 KB)

Step 3

For the background of the lower pair of wings, you can use the yellow marker SKETCHMARKER SM-Y74 Maize, on top of yellow, apply a muted reddish SKETCHMARKER SM-R81 Firebrick and SM-R92 Blush. Paint over the wing with small strokes, leaving some areas unpainted.

photo_2020-12-21 13.03.30.jpeg (190 KB)

Step 4

For the eyespot, use the bright blue SKETCHMARKER SM-B13 Clear Aqua, add some details with SKETCHMARKER SM-V20 Night Sky

photo_2020-12-21 13.03.35.jpeg (219 KB)

Step 5

Apply the same markers for the upper wings and the body of the butterfly: 

 - Red: SKETCHMARKER SM-R81 Firebrick, SM-R91 Rouge, SM-R92 Blush (most of the upper wings).

 - Brown: SKETCHMARKER SM-BR62 Mushroom,  SM-BR82 Brick Beige, SM-BR81 Earth Yellow (for body and wingtips)

 - Yellow SKETCHMARKER SM-Y74 Maize (for the eyespot)

 - Blue SKETCHMARKER SM-B13 Clear Aqua (for the eyespot)

photo_2020-12-21 13.03.39.jpeg (249 KB)

Step 6

Add texture to the wings with coloured pencils.

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