How to draw a flower. Step-by-step

Step-by-step lesson "Hot to draw a flower"

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The work was created with materials:

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Used colors:

R74 Powder, G64 Light Green,G41 Moss, Y75 Champagne, V23 Ophelia Violet, CG8 Cool Gray 8, V14 Sea Lavender, BL Blender, V20 Night Sky, CG2 Cool Gray 2

Step 1

We start with a pencil sketch - outline the petals and the center of the flower. Then, with the help of an eraser, weaken the pencil outline.

IMG_8842.png (571 KB)

Step 2

R74 Powder and Y75 Champagne set the tone for the petals. G64 Light Green and G41 Moss show the leaves and stems.

IMG_8843.png (1.11 MB)

Step 3

Mark the middle of the flower with V23 Ophelia Violet. Use CG8 Cool Gray 8 to define your own shadow on the petals.

IMG_8844.png (1.05 MB)

Step 4

Fill the background with CG8 Cool Gray 8 and increase the tone of the petals.

IMG_8845.png (1.43 MB)

Step 5

Add V14 Sea Lavender in the shadow of the petals, and also fill the background with this color on the second layer.

IMG_8847.png (1.71 MB)

Step 6

The third layer V23 Ophelia Violet for the background, using BL Blender we make beautiful stains. We mark the veins on the petals.

IMG_8848.png (1.83 MB)

Step 7

Add contrast to the middle with V20 Night Sky, and also enhance the contrast of the leaves with G41 Moss.

IMG_8849.png (1.61 MB)

Step 8

Add even more contrast with CG2 Cool Gray 2 to the middle and leaves. We work out the details with a white pen - the hairs in the middle, the edges of the petals.

IMG_8849-1.png (1.89 MB)

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