Portrait with a limited pallete. Step-by-step

Nika Shalamay - artist

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Step-by-step lesson "Portrait with a limited palette"

IMG_8856.png (1.68 MB)

The work was created with materials:

Click the link in bio to get your own SKETCHMARKER!

Used colors:

V111 Steel Pink, CG5 - Cool Gray 5, XB - Black

Step 1

With a pencil, mark the boundaries of the location of the character in order to build the composition. We draw the basic elements of building our character: a sphere - a head, a skeleton of a neck and shoulders.

IMG_8852.png (376 KB)

Step 2

We outline the main lines and borders, along which we will then make a contour.

IMG_8853.png (564 KB)

Step 3

Lineart stage. We make spindle-shaped lines with thin edges and a thick core. We narrow the ends on the hair and make the line thicker on convex places (shoulders, forehead, tip of the nose).

IMG_8854.png (754 KB)

Step 4

Fill the background in a circular motion with the XB Black marker to avoid overlapping lines and make the background even. Draw a shadow for the hair V111 Steel Pink. Also fill the body with circular strokes.

IMG_8855.png (1.35 MB)

Step 5

Add interesting elements with the SKETCHMARKER PAINTMAN white pygienic pen. With a black or blue watercolor pencil, we shade the blush on the cheekbones and the tip of the nose.

IMG_8856.png (1.68 MB)

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