Wool texture, chair. Step-by-step

Step-by-step lesson "Wool texture, chair"

Frame 124.jpg (1.95 MB)

The work was created with materials:

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Used colors:

BR13 Oatmeal, BR62 Mushroom, GG5 Gray Green 5, BR51 Burnt Umber, BG11 Khaki

Step 1

Draw a sketch with 0.05 mm liner, including fur. Cover the legs with 0.5 mm liner.

Frame 105.jpg (2.28 MB)

Step 2

With BR13 Oatmeal draw the fur in the direction of the pile.

Frame 106.jpg (1.61 MB)

Step 3

Add the color BR62 Mushroom, also work out the pile, apply the color to the shadow side of the armrests.

Frame 107.jpg (1.67 MB)

Step 4

Again with the color BR13 Oatmeal draw the pile, soften the previous color. We denote the shadow under the chair and the chair itself (not the fur) with GG5 Gray Green 5.

Frame 108.jpg (3.04 MB)

Step 5

Add the color BR51 Burnt Umber to the fur, deepen the shadow on the pile, add the color BG11 Khaki in the shadow under the chair and in the shadow on the chair.

Frame 109.jpg (2.53 MB)

Step 6

We use marker BR13 Oatmeal again, soften the pile, add strokes with a white pen.

Frame 110.jpg (1.97 MB)

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